F.D. Jones

Joshua Judges Ruth

Written & Performed by F.D. Jones.

till I come runnin’ back

Written & Performed by F.D. Jones.


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F.D. Jones

F.D. Jones (known in some circles as 'Fat Dave' Johnston) has a notorious reputation for quality rock & roll in the Edmonton area, as this not the first time he's begun a 'solo act' style project that turned into a noisy rock & roll band. Such is the case for his current project: The F.D. Jones Soap Co. where acoustic blues has once again been turned into something more aggressive, yet maintains the soul it always had.

A similar transition happened in late 2006 when F.D. embarked on a solo career entitled 'The Fat Dave Sound Wave'... which turned into the loudest solo career Edmonton has seen in some time, earning a variant handle: The Fat Dave Crime Wave. This case is slightly more unique, as more recording headway has been made in a solo setting. These sessions are proof of the early days of The F.D. Jones Soap Co. before a rhythm section was aquired, and some live recording has since taken place in the Mix 97.7 studios in Calgary, Alberta.

Though rock & roll is synonymous with F.D Jones, quieter music is not a departure for him, as he's spent time on stage and in studio with Sherry-Lee Wisor's 'Wisor Trio' as well as The Jake Ian band, both with strong roots to folk music, and is able to take his loud-music presence to a quiet music setting tastefully and appropriately... and although it may not happen abundantly at this time, F.D. Jones can be found plugging awayy on an acoustic guitar... alone... from time to time.

"I enjoy it a lot... it's challenging and it's an opportunity to talk about why certain songs were written... or why certain cover songs were chosen, which is not always appropriate in a rock & roll setting." - F.D. Jones

Website: http://thefdjonessoapco.blogspot.com/